Executives-man-and-woman-walkingWe believe that an executive coach should serve as a collaborative facilitator. Our coaches work with each executive on their unique professional goals and align with the goals of the organization. We then facilitate a one-on-one leadership development process through career analysis, a 360° colleague protocol, a comprehensive assessment process, skills enhancement-building and a Professional Development Plan.

Our executive coaching engagements are customized to each individual and, one-on-one coaching and leadership development programs that provide the executive with the skills to effectively lead a diverse workforce in an increasingly global business environment.

Our program for senior executives focuses on the key areas of strategic intent, visioning and communication skills, presence as a senior leader, and selling and persuasion. We utilize performance improvement models and measurements and select assessment instruments, including the Hogan Assessment (link to Hogan flyer on the “Resources” page). A Stakeholder Analysis is also created to address the executive’s leadership challenges and goals and to enhance the crucial relationships needed to support their strategic initiatives.

Some of the other areas of focus may include:

  • Developing a pattern of strategic thinking
  • Enhancing strategic networking skills
  • Increasing politically savvy and effective influencing skills
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Gaining trust as a leader
  • Leading a diverse workforce

Benefits to the participant:

  • In-depth analysis of current skills and experiences
  • Better understanding of leadership strengths
  • Identification of opportunities for growth and development
  • Greater self-awareness, productivity and confidence
  • Enhanced leadership excellence 
  • A network of other high-achieving professionals