Our career transition, or outplacement services, are unique in that they are fully customized to the senior executive in transition.

We value the unique situation of each individual and do not simply apply a ‘template’ to your transition. The Leader’s Edge/Leaders By Design views the time of transition as ideal for reviewing leadership style and ability, as well as life and career goals.

Under the sensitive guidance of an experienced coach, we provide comprehensive services to support this important transition.  The process covers these areas:

Gain Perspective & Assess
The coach supports the executive as they exit the current company. This includes reviewing skills, strengths and abilities. The goal is to gain insight to re-establish confidence, self-esteem and enthusiasm.

Skills Assessment & Preparation
A comprehensive assessment of the executive’s leadership and communication style is conducted, as well as an evaluation of his/her goals at the current juncture in their life. Specific career objectives are identified based on experience and skills.

Options & Opportunities
The coach works closely with the transitioning executive to prepare and execute a marketing and networking campaign and develop a job/career search strategy.

Selection & Negotiation
The executive and his/her coach work to evaluate all career opportunities including job selection, cultural assessment and compensation negotiation.