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Virtual Coaching allows our clients to get the very best coaching experience no matter their location!

By using video-based platforms, our virtual engagements are real, personable, and impactful. They are highly personalized to the professional and their specific leadership goals.

In a confidential space, Virtual Coaching can:

  • Review of an individual’s professional goals
  • Address time-sensitive issues or challenges
  • Determine action steps for making greater contributions
  • Identify opportunities for growth and advancement
  • Obtain feedback on a professional issue or challenge

At the root of our Virtual Coaching engagements is trust – our coaches are adept in developing a relationship
and providing a high-quality experience by phone or video conference.


Another Successful Launch!

This virtual leadership development program designed for talented Black professional women began again on March 23, 2021! The Experience helps build critical skills and develop a deeper understanding of workplace issues by leveraging practical tools to increase impact and achieve professional goals.

This five-month Experience includes:

  •  One-on-one coaching with an experienced executive coach
  • Four virtual leadership skills-building sessions
  • Guest speakers featured at the conclusion of each session
  • Assessment instruments with feedback
  • Facilitated group cohort calls
  • Professional Development Plan

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