High-Potential Coaching

Our six-month coaching process is specifically designed for high-potential leaders at the director or senior-manager level that helps prepare the next generation.

The process engages the participant in a comprehensive exploration of career aspirations, personal style and the impact the leader has on the organization. This one-on-one process is tailored to meet the participant’s specific needs for growth and provides them with an action plan for leadership excellence.

The High-Potential Process includes the following components:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive leadership assessment
  • 360° process with feedback (6-8 individuals)
  • Creation of a Professional Development Plan
  • Evaluation of key relationships
  • Development of an Outreach Plan
  • Meeting with manager to review goals, action steps and outcomes

This process can also be provided internally to leaders in your organization – contact us to find the best solution for your organizational needs.