We have created a Leadership Development Model with Cohort Learning Calls focused on the advancement of the high-performing men and women leaders. This unique leadership development format combines half-day classroom sessions with monthly virtual discussions in small cohort groups to reinforce learnings and to facilitate the practical application of leadership principles to each participant’s unique work situation. Carefully selected leadership readings also serve as a component of this model and provide additional material for discussion during cohort conversations.
Research shows that practical application combined with lecture leads to better mastery of knowledge. Additionally, knowledge is retained longer and is better applied when facilitated group discussion occurs and has direct application. When course materials and readings are presented in a way that helps the participant reflect on the content and how it affects his or her work and personal life; when he or she is asked to write down their understanding of concepts, experience with issues and their new approach to handling leadership situations; and when he or she shares these pieces of information with a small group – learning is retained over a longer period of time. For this reason, the cohort process is an ideal way to augment the leadership learnings of talented individuals in conjunction with the in-person classroom sessions.