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We have designed several skills-building modules for high-performing and senior leaders based on our extensive coaching work and annual research studies. We have found that organizations are continually looking to develop their male and female leaders in a cost-effective way. Through these half-day sessions, leaders receive quality instruction and enhance their skill sets to become more effective contributors in their organizations.

Develop your own curriculum OR Use one of our suggested tracks!

Being able to customize a curriculum tailored to your organization is a unique opportunity. Our firm provides expertise in leadership development – choose the topics that are right for your organization!

Career Development
To provide a career roadmap for employees:

  • Career Development: Getting In Touch with Your Skills, Interests & Motivated Abilities
  • Executive Presence: Develop Your Personal Leadership Style
  • The Importance of a Mentor: Practical Steps for Finding & Working with One
  • Effective Influence: How to Navigate the Decision-Making Structure in Your Organization

Leadership Development
To provide an overall leadership development curriculum within your organization:

  • Understanding Leadership Strengths: Revealing the Four Dimensions of Leadership Interaction
  • Team Effectiveness: Developing a Group into a Team
  • Business Ethics and Leadership Essentials: The L.E.A.D.E.R.S. Method
  • The Third Way of Leadership: Men & Women Working Collaboratively

Women’s Initiative Content
To augment the content provided within an internal women’s initiative:

  • Breaking Into the Boys’ Club
  • Building Personal Resiliency
  • Professional Impact and Presence: Building a Personal Brand
  • Building Positive Assertive Communication Skills