Portrait of happy young businesswomanWe prepare emerging women leaders to make greater contributions to your organization through a unique combination of group skills-building, small cohort group meetings and 1:1 coaching. Our exclusive eight-month process maximizes the developmental outcomes for talented female leaders an organization values and wants to retain.

The eight-month program includes:

  • Three (3) off-site group skills-building sessions
  • Four (4) group cohort calls facilitated by executive coaches
  • Personality and leadership assessments
  • One-on-one conversations with a consultant
Skills-building sessions:
Three (3) off-site group skills-building sessions focus on developing the critical skills that emerging women need to be successful in leadership positions. They are specifically designed to provide a secure venue to air concerns and questions and impart practical advice and training from experienced consultants.

Some of the topics covered within the session include:

  • Opportunities and Challenges for Women Leaders
  • Understanding Your Leadership Style
  • Leveraging Your Strengths and Self-promotion
  • Executive Presence and Impact
  • Organizational Savvy and Effective Influence
  • Development Planning
Cohort calls:
These calls are intended to help the participant reflect on the skills-building content and how it affects her professional life. The calls are supportive and confidential, allowing the participant to discuss sensitive issues with an intimate group of her peers.
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