Executive_Man_1Leaders By Design Executive Process provides the executive with the skills to effectively lead a diverse workforce in an increasingly global business environment. This uniquely designed one-on-one coaching process begins with the participant developing a comprehensive leadership assessment. Each participant receives 360° feedback to better understand his impact on the organization and how to leverage his strengths.

Coaching in the Executive Process includes individual coaching sessions that focus on the participant’s unique issues and challenges. Additionally, there are some instructional meetings on specific areas of development including essential skills and traits of successful leaders, communication, and collaboration and how to manage global change in diverse cultures.

We utilize the comprehensive Hogan Assessment in coaching executive men that identifies personality characteristics that contribute to success, factors that can impede career growth, as well as critical business drivers and core values.

A Professional Development Plan and Stakeholder Analysis are also created in the coaching process to address the executive’s leadership challenges and goals and to enhance the crucial relationships needed to support their strategic initiatives.

The Leaders By Design Executive Process includes these components:

  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Comprehensive leadership assessment process with Hogan
  • 360° colleague interview process and feedback
  • Instructional and skills-building coaching sessions with coach
  • Creation of a Professional Development Plan
  • Development of a Stakeholder Analysis