The Leader’s Edge Executive Process is specifically designed for senior-level women in the highest echelons of their organizations.

This coaching process is tailored to meet each participant’s unique needs and challenges and includes the development of a specific action plan to positively affect change.

Our coaching protocol includes the key fundamentals of leadership development. We begin with each participant developing a comprehensive understanding of her career history, leadership style and a behavioral understanding of how she is perceived in her organization and her impact.

We utilize the comprehensive Hogan Assessment in coaching executive women as it identifies personality characteristics that contribute to success, factors that can impede career growth, as well as critical business drivers and core values.

Throughout the coaching, each participant and her coach meet two times a month to discuss and determine specific goals and to measure her performance against those goals. We look at key stakeholders and to enhance the participant’s relationship with each individual. The participant develops a detailed Professional Development Plan that she and her coach review with her manager to gain support. The participant and coach meet on a regular basis over the engagement to reinforce leadership skills and provide support to the executive in executing her action plan. The coach acts as a resource for the participant in clarifying her goals and gaining the leadership skills necessary to maximize her performance.