Mature_men_coachingLeaders By Design High-Potential Process is a 6-month customized coaching curriculum for senior management and director level men that focuses on the specific development interests of each participant and learnings that are necessary to be a successful and effective leader.

The process includes one-on-one coaching, a comprehensive leadership assessment and feedback process on how the individual is seen in his organization. Each participant meets with his personal coach several times monthly to discuss progress against his goals and action steps. A Professional Development Plan and Stakeholder Analysis are developed to address the participant’s current leadership challenges and goals and the relationships needed to support his strategic initiatives. A meeting between the participant, his coach and his manager is held to ensure alignment with development goals, outcomes and action steps.

The participant and his coach continue to work to implement the action plan that will enhance his growth as a leader. The Leaders By Design High-Potential Process includes the following components:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Comprehensive leadership assessment
  • 360° colleague interview process and feedback
  • Creation of a Professional Development Plan
  • Evaluation of key relationships and development of a Stakeholder Analysis
  • Meeting with manager to review and determine goals, action steps and outcomes