Our New Leader Assimilation Process supports a senior leader who is moving into a new position to ensure a smooth and successful transition. The process combines executive coaching, personal and professional assessment, and skill-building.

In our process, the New Leader quickly builds a foundation for success, identifies a charter and action plan, assesses organizational culture, determines business goals, and analyzes key stakeholders.

The ultimate goal is to maximize the New Leader’s effectiveness in a culture or with a new team.

The four-phase process combines executive coaching, personal and professional evaluation, and skills-building and includes:

The New Leader works with a personal coach to:

  • Understand the corporate landscape and all relevant issues
  • Review the Organization Chart and the announcement of his/her arrival
  • Establish goals, expectations and a communication structure with their new manager
  • Understand the role and expectations of key organizational stakeholders

Assessment instruments are utilized to review the New Leader’s leadership style and understand how specific behaviors will impact his/her performance.

This is the intersection of behavioral challenges and business issues.  The New Leader and coach work together to identify the most relevant issues, challenges, and action items to include:

  • Establishing business objectives and goals (both long and short-term)
  • Leading and assessing staff
  • Identifying and developing productive relationship with key stakeholders
  • Establishing professional impact and presence

Two coaching sessions are held per month with content specific to the New Leader’s goals.

At the completion of the New Leader Assimilation process, the New Leader is able to perform at a maximum level of effectiveness with set business goals and direction, established relationships with superiors, and key alliances identified and enhanced, leaving the participant confident and highly productive in their new role.