Communication is Like Photography

For leaders, communication is like photography. Sometimes you’re sharing a wide shot of the big picture. Other times you’re focusing up close on a key detail. It’s all about choosing the appropriate lens.

A wide lens captures the full landscape of the company or project. When you go wide in your communication, you demonstrate that you understand the broader implications of your strategy. This helps individual team members see how their work connects to the big picture, and lights up the connections between silos and specialties.

On the other hand, if you spend too much time on the big picture, individuals might start to feel like they don’t know where they should focus their actions. That’s when you need to switch to a macro lens and give them an up-close shot of their individual role.

Agile communicators might use a zoom lens, which allows them to fluidly move between big-picture and up-close without missing a beat. Ultimately, leaders should have a diverse variety of lenses in their kit, which they can deftly switch out according to the needs of each communication.

Next time you’re communicating with your teams, take a moment to consider which lens will best empower them to move forward in the work.

Choose your lens, frame your shot, and enjoy the flow of comprehension and cohesion that results!

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Kristin Lytle

As CEO of The Leader’s Edge, Kristin Lytle is on a mission to help companies and individuals unlock the full potential of their talent. After working directly with hundreds of leaders across the globe, Kristin has developed deep expertise in identifying and accelerating talent pipelines and uncovering pragmatic solutions that lead to results. Follow Kristin on LinkedIn for more thought leadership.