Our ApproachIdentify & Align The Strengths Of The Leader With The Goals Of The Organization

The role of our coaches is to be a trusted advisor and confidant that helps the leader identify and adopt the behaviors and practices that will maximize their effectiveness in their current and future roles.

The coach helps the executive explore opportunities for individual development, identify alternate approaches to organization challenges and gain insight into their leadership style and its impact on the organization.

The ultimate goal of the coaching process is to identify and align the strengths of the executive with the goals of the organization.

What Sets Us Apart:
  • Our coaches have industry-leading certifications
  • Each case is customized to the needs of the individual and organization
  • Our Vice President of Quality & Delivery monitors every case to ensure client satisfaction
  • We are committed to helping organizations develop a diverse workforce

Commitment To De&IWorkplace Diversity Builds Better Leadership And Stronger Organizations


Since its founding in 2001, The Leader’s Edge has been committed to promoting diversity in the workforce. We understand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion and are committed to helping organizations support, recruit and retain talented diverse leaders.

Organizations with a diverse workforce are better able to innovate, take risks, solve problems creatively, and turn challenges into opportunities.