Our Clients Say It Best

I cannot say enough about The Leader's Edge and the difference they have made in my life. I would not be the leader I am today without their guidance and support through both educational programs and executive coaching. As a result of my work with them, I know so much more about myself, my strengths, and how to navigate diverse and challenging organizations. Plus, I am stronger, more confident and feel more powerful - I feel as though I can accomplish anything I put my mind to!



Vice President, Global Talent Development


I have seen an emerging leader blossom as a result of participating in EXCEL. She is now more focused on driving business outcomes than writing emails and is networking with stakeholders - getting them on her calendar and chatting with them about her personal brand. She is also actively developing her direct reports and partnering with her peers in a more effective way. I have seen a 180 degree change and I have major growth plans for her.



Sr. Director, Global Digital Content Planning


My year in this program was nothing short of transformational! Executive Leadership Institute For Women was an excellent, enriching development opportunity that I highly recommend to women executives who want to manage their careers with better intention and purpose. The curated content and assessments sharpen leadership skills, widen perspectives and bring greater awareness, bolstered by real-life applications of the cohort sessions.



Vice President | Director, Global Marketing and Communications


A Leadership Experience for Black Women exceeded my expectations and I feel motivated - and equipped - to bring the next level of leadership to my work. As a result of this program, I am excited to use my newfound skills and grow my career at CSL.

I intend to continue to seek opportunities to gain efficiency, to learn more about our business and our customers so I can demonstrate value above and beyond my objectives, to develop the skills CSL will need for future enterprise growth and strive to “level up” my capabilities, and to leverage my internal network to develop as a corporate citizen. I am very grateful to have been identified for this program and that my company made the investment in my professional development.



Senior Director, Global Commercial Development

Senior Director, Global Commercial Development

The seasoned Leader's Edge facilitators create a learning environment that encourages participants to openly share their personal and professional experiences, which was an effective method for me to evaluate and refine my own communication and leadership styles. I also found the opportunity to network with a group of highly-talented senior executive women from diverse industries extremely motivational. I will continue to actively engage with many of the participants I met through the Executive Leadership Institute for Women, and I would encourage any woman who wants to advance her career, as well as strengthen her effectiveness, to participate in this forum.



Chief Human Resources Officer, The Carlyle Group

Chief Human Resources Officer, The Carlyle Group

A Leadership Experience for Black Women came at the right time for me because I was thinking about what I wanted to do next in my career, but was not doing a good job of holding myself accountable. The program elevated my confidence by giving me tools to recognize and own my power, ask for what I want, and identify ways to collaborate better with others.

Also, having an executive coach was amazing! My coach was supportive, enthusiastic, and challenged me to be accountable for my career development through focused and honest dialogue about my strengths and areas of improvement. Finally, having the monthly skills sessions - followed by the smaller cohort calls - forced me to think about self-development. Now I have a plan and have shared my hopes for career advancement with my manager!



Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

The Executive Leadership Institute for Women taught me invaluable skills that have made a significant impact on my career. The program gave me important insights into my own professional development and introduced me to talented and influential leaders in the Philadelphia region. These relationships, across industries, have taught me so much about leveraging influence and navigating the politics of management. I've recommended the program to several members of my team and supported them as they advanced through the curriculum. I’m very proud to be part of a network of women that have been enriched by this program’s principles.



Vice President Operations, Customer Experience + Client Setup


MAXIMUS is proud to have sponsored women in A Leadership Experience for Black Women. The program provides our valued Black women leaders with both a community of support and builds key workplace skills. MAXIMUS is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and The Experience is a fantastic tool in our toolbox as we continue to invest in the talent within our own organization.



Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Genentech is proud to have sponsored two rising stars in The Experience. The program offers the rare opportunity to freely share with other Black professional women who can truly relate.

The one-one-one coaching sessions were invaluable to our leaders! The coaches challenged and encouraged them to dig deeper which has strengthened their ability to bring their authentic self to work and has helped them to show up even more powerfully in their work and with their teams.

Our leaders described The Experience as career and life changing!



Vice President, Customer Engagement, Northeast

I have participated in a number of leadership development programs throughout my career, and The Leader's Edge was by far the most impactful! it provided the opportunity - for the first time in my 20+ year career - to be developed by people who looked like me and with whom I had shared lived experiences. The executive coaching transformed my leadership journey by providing a place to grow and develop. I strongly believe that black females should also experience the comfort, joy and ease of working with the cadre of superbly qualified and highly talented black coaches at The Leader's Edge.



Deputy General Counsel


A Leadership Experience for Black Women has cultivated a safe space that integrates the unique journey of Black women with edifying leadership principles and strategies.

A program that does not seek to negate nor diminish, but to validate and build upon the core of who we are as professional Black women. Our experience is distinctive; having executive coaches and cohorts of women who share this reality is revitalizing.

I am leaving this program firmly rooted, with sharpened tools of awareness and strategic thinking, emboldened by the knowledge of what can be!



Head of Legal / Corporate Secretary Aflac Global Ventures


The Leader’s Edge has a depth of experience, qualitative and quantitative capabilities, and keen acumen of a seasoned coach to help actualize a leader’s full potential. Choosing them for coaching was an easy decision.


Sr. Director Business Development

The most impactful part of A Leadership Experience for Black Women program for me was learning the importance of being bold about discussing my achievements through storytelling. 

I was also able to build my external network and hear different perspectives around leadership, which was an invaluable opportunity.


Director, Government & Regulatory Affairs, Pacific Northwest Region

EXCEL was a practical and thought-provoking program that should be a prerequisite for all aspiring female leaders to understand the challenges we face and to be better equipped to prevail. The program not only validated many of my experiences but helped me refine my leadership identity. EXCEL offered informative content and helpful tips and frameworks led by an experienced faculty group. The EXCEL program has been the best professional development opportunity I have undertaken.


Sr. Director, Professional Education

ELIW helped me enhance my personal brand and build greater confidence in networking. All the coaches and presenters were incredibly professional, knowledgeable, passionate and easy to be candid with which led to some really honest dialogue in our cohort calls. They asked thoughtful questions to elicit dynamic conversations in our small group.


Director of Team Member Engagement

ELIW was instrumental in shaping my leadership journey, equipping me with the tools, insights, and confidence to navigate challenges and drive positive change within my organization. It’s a transformative program that I believe can empower aspiring female leaders to excel in their careers and make meaningful contributions to their workplaces.


Head of Total Rewards & HR Operations

The opportunity to connect with so many incredible women who all had similar leadership challenges was eye opening! The topics we covered in ELIW spanned from building personal resiliency and self-awareness to leading change; and the conversations we had during the sessions were not only impactful, but also helped me to consider other perspectives and approaches. I walked away with a renewed confidence and wonderful relationships with diverse women in leadership roles.


Head of Human Resources

The most impactful part of the ELIW program was the cohort component. This allowed me to talk to professional women from all kinds of sectors and have the opportunity to get feedback. It provided a platform for each of us to build relationships with one another and network. It's a great program that allowed me to professionally self-reflect on skills I need to improve, gain, or strengthen!


Senior Vice President, Servicing

We have sponsored nearly 20 talented women in this program, ranging from first line managers to recently promoted directors. Our team members value the opportunity to practice building self-awareness, promoting their accomplishments, and sharing their ideas with confidence – all in a safe and supportive setting. It has been exciting to see the Spark EXCEL alumni continue to meet informally to deepen the learning and support each other’s growth.


Chief People Officer

When I was presented with the opportunity to participate in A Leadership Experience for Black Women, I was beyond excited and enthusiastic. Now that I have finished the program, I have come to realize even more how much I truly NEEDED this program for my personal and professional development.

The community of successful, influential, and selfless Black women executives that I was privileged to work alongside are the spark that continues to drive me towards excellence in every professional endeavor. Moreover, the phenomenal coaches, speakers and advisors were a tremendous resource throughout the program and have committed themselves to our development even after completion.

Stephanie Arnold

Payer Account Executive, National Accounts

This program inspired me to sharpen my brand, polish my image and expose the value I bring to an organization, community and those I mentor.  I was able to grow exponentially within a safe environment with other amazing women to reflect carefully on my achievement strengths, narrative and competitive power.

My coaches provided integrative development tools and held me accountable on utilization. This has already led to accomplishment of the next step on my career journey.  I am exceptionally pleased to have been supported to engage with this program and look forward to future connections with my cohort team to sustain what we have learned and continue to champion each other moving forward.

The Experience provides a chiseled buffet of expertise and consistent opportunity for you to lean into your personal growth for tiered career success.

Jackie Roberts

Strategic Contracting Director

As a Black woman executive who has been in leadership for many years, this program stands out as a game changer. The knowledge, coaching, and experiences shared have reshaped my views and strategies in navigating the corporate experience. This program is a must for any Black woman executive, no matter what discipline, to truly understand workplace dynamics and successfully navigate unique situations.

Through the use of new techniques on conflict management, networking and relationship building and using my power in a productive and meaningful way, I have already navigated several career changing initiatives. I can truly say that I will never be the same and I thank The Leader’s Edge for breathing life into so many Black Women in leadership.

Delia Moore

Director, Investor & Rating Agency Relations

I am from Europe while many of the other EXCEL participants are from the USA. I was moved and touched while attending. Despite being from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and working experiences, our main values and challenges are the same all over the world. While sharing our stories and learning in this program, it is clear that boundaries are only a mindset.


Sr Manager COI lab Surface Treatment EMEA

I’m grateful to my cohort coach and the facilitators in the EXCEL program for encouraging me to reach out and network. They provided gentle pushes to build new connections – challenging me to think outside of my daily work and what’s next in my career, and who I can tap into to support me along the way. Their coaching was combined with valuable insights on the ways to navigate organizations and reach your goals, while staying true to yourself.


Director, Enterprise Communications

I cannot thank The Leader's Edge and its facilitators enough. The time I spent for EXCEL for Emerging Women Leaders was one of the turning points in my career. The information shared in both the large group sessions as well as the smaller cohort sessions has impacted me tremendously! I have gained a level of confidence that will not be matched, the diversity of this group and knowing that I am not alone has made me feel rejuvenated in making sure that I take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. I will continue to expand on the information provided, as well as sharing the knowledge gained with others as we continue to blaze the trails being Emerging Women Leaders of the Future.


Cen-Div Fulfillment Manager