Team Members

Our coaches are passionately devoted to helping top talent succeed in their careers. All of our coaches have been carefully selected based on their experience, expertise, and real-world knowledge of the challenges that executives face.



  • Our coaches have industry-leading certifications
  • Our engagements are business-focused and customized to meet the needs of the individual
  • We have a dedicated Vice President of Quality & Delivery who monitors each engagement
  • We have a unique delivery protocol that focuses on workplace application and combines assessment, feedback, skills-building and individual coaching
  • We incorporate leadership competencies valued by our clients

Leadership Team

Kristin Lytle Chief Executive Officer

Shelley Potente, MA Executive Vice President, Client Relations

Monica Warner Dimpfl Senior Vice President, Marketing & Operations

Dominique SanGiovanni Vice President, Digital

Executive Coaches

Elizabeth Reeder, PCC Regional Vice President, New Jersey

Tracey Cantarutti, PhD Regional Vice President, Midwest

Lisa Mathis Vice President, Consulting Initiatives

Jane E. Beale Vice President, Quality & Delivery

Nila G. Betof, PhD Senior Vice President

Lisa Brooks Greaux, EdD Program Partner

Maribeth Renne, CMF Senior Consultant

Mary Jane Reed, SPHR Senior Consultant

Beth Reeves, MA Senior Consultant

Lisa Aronson, PCC Senior Consultant

Denise Williams, EdD Senior Consultant

Nancy Singer, PCC Senior Consultant

Lauren Tate Senior Consultant

Cheryl Henderson, PsyD Senior Consultant

Jan Levine, Esq. Senior Consultant

Maura Lightfoot Senior Consultant

Robyn Wheeler Senior Consultant

Yasmeen Toney, ACC Senior Consultant

Lauren Gordon, PCC Senior Consultant

Booker Farrior, ACC Senior Consultant

Karen Coplan, PhD Senior Consultant

Whitney Siavelis Senior Consultant

Kristin Condon Senior Consultant

Project Management Team

Kaitlin Emery Client Relations Project Manager

Lauren Harting Client Relations Project Manager

Sophia Krainyk Client Relations Project Manager

Executive Advisors

Molly D. Shepard, MS, MSM Founder & Executive Advisor

Peter J. Dean, PhD Executive Advisor

Karen O’Boyle Executive Advisor