Empower Rising Talent


We prepare emerging women leaders to make greater contributions to the business.

Our exclusive process maximizes the developmental outcomes for talented female leaders an organization values and wants to retain.

The program includes:

  • Leadership assessments to increase self-awareness
  • Interactive large group skills-building sessions
  • Small group coaching meetings to reinforce the practical application of skills
  • Opportunities to address individual challenges with experienced executive coaches
  • Individual conversations for preparation and reinforcement of learnings
  • Targeted Leadership Development Plan

Topics covered within the program include:

Identifying Your Strengths
Leveraging and Promoting Your Strengths
Discovering Your Leadership Style
Effective Influencing Techniques
Cultivating Resilience
Your Leadership Voice and Personal Brand
Strategic Networking
Leadership Development Planning

Small Group Coaching:

These meetings are intended to help the participant reflect on the skills-building content and how it affects her professional life. The meetings are supportive and confidential, allowing the participant to discuss sensitive issues with an intimate group of her peers.

Client Testimonials


Chief People Officer

We have sponsored nearly 20 talented women in this program, ranging from first line managers to recently promoted directors. Our team members value the opportunity to practice building self-awareness, promoting their accomplishments, and sharing their ideas with confidence – all in a safe and supportive setting. It has been exciting to see the Spark EXCEL alumni continue to meet informally to deepen the learning and support each other’s growth.



Sr. Director, Global Digital Content Planning


I have seen an emerging leader blossom as a result of participating in EXCEL. She is now more focused on driving business outcomes than writing emails and is networking with stakeholders - getting them on her calendar and chatting with them about her personal brand. She is also actively developing her direct reports and partnering with her peers in a more effective way. I have seen a 180 degree change and I have major growth plans for her.

Graduate Testimonials

EXCEL was a practical and thought-provoking program that should be a prerequisite for all aspiring female leaders to understand the challenges we face and to be better equipped to prevail. The program not only validated many of my experiences but helped me refine my leadership identity. EXCEL offered informative content and helpful tips and frameworks led by an experienced faculty group. The EXCEL program has been the best professional development opportunity I have undertaken.


Sr. Director, Professional Education

I am from Europe while many of the other EXCEL participants are from the USA. I was moved and touched while attending. Despite being from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and working experiences, our main values and challenges are the same all over the world. While sharing our stories and learning in this program, it is clear that boundaries are only a mindset.


Sr Manager COI lab Surface Treatment EMEA

I cannot thank The Leader's Edge and its facilitators enough. The time I spent for EXCEL for Emerging Women Leaders was one of the turning points in my career. The information shared in both the large group sessions as well as the smaller cohort sessions has impacted me tremendously! I have gained a level of confidence that will not be matched, the diversity of this group and knowing that I am not alone has made me feel rejuvenated in making sure that I take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. I will continue to expand on the information provided, as well as sharing the knowledge gained with others as we continue to blaze the trails being Emerging Women Leaders of the Future.


Cen-Div Fulfillment Manager

I’m grateful to my cohort coach and the facilitators in the EXCEL program for encouraging me to reach out and network. They provided gentle pushes to build new connections – challenging me to think outside of my daily work and what’s next in my career, and who I can tap into to support me along the way. Their coaching was combined with valuable insights on the ways to navigate organizations and reach your goals, while staying true to yourself.


Director, Enterprise Communications