How Are You Cueing Your Team?

I am in a band with a few friends and the other day we were talking about how we all need different cues to play the same song. My friends both play guitar and prefer to read music via chords and/or TAB notation, while personally I need sheet music.

But regardless of the cue that makes the most sense to each of us individually, we each need those cues if we want to successfully play the same song and sound halfway decent.

It’s the same with your team. Individual members might need instructions delivered in a certain way if they are to understand their part and play in harmony with their colleagues.

As a leader, you can’t expect to give your team your preferred type of music and expect them all to be able to instantly play the same song.

But you CAN expect, once you’ve given each person directions they can understand, that your team will be able to work together much more harmoniously.

If you’re noticing your team isn’t in sync, consider if you are providing a variety of cues, so that each person can align with what makes most sense to them.

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Kristin Lytle

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