Development Programming with Cohorts

We design skills-building modules that provide groups of leaders with quality instruction in order to enhance their skill sets to become more effective contributors in their organizations. These sessions can be provided individually or combined into a curriculum over several months.

Some of the more popular topics include:

Building Personal Resiliency
Leading Change & Leveraging Your Influence
Understanding Your Leadership Style
Overcoming Unconscious Bias & Micro-Inequities in the Workplace

The benefits:
In addition to providing your leaders with time to focus on developing new skills, being able to customize a curriculum tailored to your organization is a unique opportunity. Because our firm provides expertise in many areas of leadership development, you can choose the topics that are right for your organization.

Session format:
Each session includes a brief lecture, interactive exercises/activities, application practice and small group work. Some modules also include assessments and mini-case studies.

Cohort groups:
With a multi-session curriculum, small learning “cohorts” can be added in-between the skills-building sessions. These calls are facilitated by one of our executive coaches and serve to reinforce learnings and the practical application of skills to each participant’s unique work situation. These conversations enable participants to give and receive advice, overcome obstacles, develop camaraderie and enhance their network.