OnDemand Coaching: When You Need It & When It Makes Sense

One of the things we pride ourselves on as a firm is listening to our clients and customizing leadership development solutions to meet their needs. Over the last few months we have heard several clients say there is a need for short-term, ‘on-demand’ coaching for a leader. While we typically advocate for a more comprehensive coaching engagement for the development of a leader (addressing style, impact, behavior changes and career planning) where the most benefit and lasting impact can be derived – we agree that there are instances where a short-term, on-demand option could be useful!

Throughout one’s professional career there are challenges, changes, projects or opportunities that arise, sometimes unexpectedly. Oftentimes it is helpful to get input from a coach who understands workplace cultures or issues in order to then take the most appropriate steps forward. Having someone as a sounding board – especially someone outside your organization who can see the big picture and who you can be candid with – allows for more thoughtful consideration and more strategic action.

Here are some situations where OnDemand Coaching can help:

  • Discuss an approach to a difficult workplace situation
  • Address a blind spot or missing skill for a leader
  • Correct an interpersonal issue or behavior
  • Transition a new leader into the work environment
  • Prepare for an important presentation or client meeting
  • Analyze a new opportunity within the organization
  • Deal with a change in the workplace or new stressful situation
  • Navigate a workplace bullying issue
  • Develop an outreach strategy to build key stakeholder relationships
  • Create a plan for moving an initiative forward within the organization

Whether you are an executive-level leader seeking to be more agile or a high-potential leader looking to increase your skills for advancement, OnDemand Coaching can be an easy way to build confidence, adeptly handle an issue or challenge, or make a more strategic career decision. It is also a great way to give a person feedback on how he or she is perceived within the organization.

For those individuals in Human Resources who understand the value of a coach, this option can either alleviate the pressure of dealing with a sensitive issue or, on the positive side, help a leader make a greater contribution to the goals of the organization more quickly. Our seasoned coaches – all of whom have extensive business backgrounds – can be quickly brought in to help.

The benefits of working with an executive coach – even on a short-term basis – are numerous and include:

  • Improving performance
  • Increasing engagement
  • Building a new skill
  • Gaining perspective on an issue or project
  • Receiving candid feedback
  • Building personal awareness