A Program for Black Women Delivered by Black Women

We are committed to promoting and supporting diversity in the workforce. Our signature, research-based programs have a proven record of success, aligning individual capabilities and development with business impact. As you look ahead to your talent development initiatives for 2023, make an investment in your organization’s Black women leaders that will truly benefit the individuals and your company.

A Leadership Experience for Black Women is a virtual leadership development opportunity designed for talented, high-performing Black women. The Experience helps build critical skills to navigate workplace issues, provides practical tools to increase impact and achieve professional goals, and offers a supportive community.

Top learnings for past participants of the program have been identified in the following areas:
▪ Self-Advocating
▪ Negotiating
▪ Networking
▪ Confidence
▪ Strategic Thinking

If you are interested in investing in the Black women leaders at your organization, register today for the next class launching January 10, 2023!

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