Sophia Krainyk

Sophia Krainyk is a Client Relations Project Manager at The Leader’s Edge. Sophia provides project management, communications, and administrative support, including managing logistics, long-term planning, and attending to timelines andContinue reading “Sophia Krainyk”

Kim Karetsky

Kim Karetsky is a Senior Consultant at The Leader’s Edge and has over 15 years of experience designing and implementing leadership and professional development initiatives at Goldman, Sachs & Co.Continue reading “Kim Karetsky”

Jannie Lau

Jannie Lau is a Senior Consultant at The Leader’s Edge and a former Fortune 500 leader turned executive coach. She works with senior leaders on their development goals.

Char Gross

Char Gross is an executive coach with an extensive background in HR and business leadership. She is passionate about helping professional women magnify their impact.

Lauren Tate

Lauren Tate brings over 20 years of global human resources experience to The Leader’s Edge specializing in the development of top talent and building high-performing teams. Lauren’s experience spans acrossContinue reading “Lauren Tate”